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National Brush Day After Halloween Dos and Don’ts

It’s more than a coincidence that America celebrates National Brush Day on November 1, exactly one day after bidding adieu to Halloween. After binging on candy for so long, naturally, everyone is obsessed with getting their kids’ teeth back in shape.

Oct 28th, 2018
Avoiding Candy Cavity Horrors This Halloween

As a concerned parent who can’t bear the thought of depriving your children of their trick and treat candy experience and yet worry about the consequences on their delicate teeth, here’s how you can eat the cake and keep it too!

Oct 25th, 2018
Using Invisalign: More Than Good Looks

If you’re contemplating Invisalign merely because you want to get your teeth straightened or unclutter your teeth, the good news is, there’s more to using Invisalign than meets the eye.

Oct 10th, 2018
Is Getting Invisalign For Me?

Undoubtedly, Invisalign is the buzzword in the world of orthodontal realignment. Practically invisible, the near-transparent dental aligners have made conventional braces and clips, passé.

Oct 1st, 2018
10 Things to Ask A Dentist Your Next Visit

Few people realize that a regular dental check-up is like the proverbial stich in time save nine. Apart from providing a timely evaluation of your dental health, oral examinations also help in timely detection of physical ailments linked to...

Sep 24th, 2018
How to know if you have bad breath?

As of late, are you noticing people taking a step backwards or turning their faces ever so discreetly whenever you go closer to them? If yes, bad breath is most probably the reason behind the discomfort your friends and colleagues face when in...

Sep 19th, 2018
Physical Exercises That Benefit Dental Health

For quite a long time, people thought that regular physical exercises only benefit the muscles and blood vessels in our body. It was also understood that keeping our teeth healthy meant regularly brushing them, flossing them and massaging the gums.

Sep 10th, 2018
5 Ways To Get Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants sparking whiter teeth and a radiant smile. But, let’s be honest; it costs a lot of money to get your teeth whitened by a professional all the time!

Aug 27th, 2018
Best Alcoholic Drinks To Minimize Teeth Damage

The holiday season always makes it okay to have one, or maybe two extra drinks at your holiday party or family get together. However, alcoholic drinks aren’t the best for your dental health.

Dec 8th, 2016
Five Flossing Tools For A Bright Smile

Flossing your teeth is an important part of your dental care regiment. With all the flossing tools available, it can be confusing deciding which one will give you the optimum results.

Nov 18th, 2016
Preventing Tooth Decay and Cavities

Tooth decay, commonly know as cavities or dental caries can occur to anyone, especially in children and young adults. If left untreated, dental cavities become infected and lead to tooth loss.

Sep 23rd, 2016
Dental Anxiety

Typically, trips to a dentist’s office are not considered a favorite past time – mostly as a result of dental anxiety. In fact, 50% of adults skipped going to the dentist in 2009, according a study by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

Sep 15th, 2016
Itero Scanner Makes Dental Crowns A Pleasant Experience

It has often been said that technology eliminates human error, and it has certainly proved to be true with the Itero Scanner. Last week, our professionals at Signature Smile General and Cosmetic Dentistry discussed the effect of the Itero Scanner on...

Aug 25th, 2016
Only Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep?

Flossing has been a hot topic of discussion recently. In fact, it almost seems that “only floss the teeth you want to keep” it being heard on the streets and in the subway.

Aug 11th, 2016
Daily 1-Minute Tips for Healthy Teeth

Regular trips to your dentist’s office, brushing your at least teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and flossing your teeth once a day has been deemed to be “the proven formula for success when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy,”...

Jul 27th, 2016
Healthy Gums = Healthy Body

We are all aware that we need to exercise proper oral health in order to maintain healthy gums. However, recent studies indicate that proper oral care is also essential for a healthy brain, heart – basically, your entire body.

Jul 20th, 2016
Fluoride: Good or Bad?

The addition of fluoride in drinking water has been a topic of debate since it was first put into practice about half a century ago. The issue was raised again since Portland, Ore, the largest city in the US to not have fluoride in its drinking water...

Jul 8th, 2016
How Do Dental Fillings Fix Cavities?

The moment we notice cavities in our permanent teeth, one of the first things that pops into our minds is the thought of walking around with a disgusting, discolored tooth. However, if treated early enough, tooth decay or caries...

Jun 30th, 2016
Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

What you eat affects every aspect of your health including your dental health by not only preventing gum disease and tooth decay, but also building healthier gums and teeth. It is important what foods make up the best diet for your teeth.

Jun 24th, 2016
Mouthwash: Yes or No

Who doesn’t like the slight burning sensation of mouthwash? You may even feel as though the germs and bacteria are being totally destroyed by the mouthwash, but how can you be sure it’s doing exactly that?

May 12th, 2016
Can Vitamin D Prevent Tooth Decay?

Vitamin D is an essential element to a person’s overall health, but did you know that Vitamin D could also be essential to oral health as well? According to a new review of existing studies published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, this claim...

Apr 28th, 2016
Which Foods and Drinks Promote Oral Health?

Although many are familiar with certain foods that are perhaps considered bad for your teeth, most are unfamiliar with those the can actually be beneficial.Yes, certain foods out there can help strengthen teeth and gums, and you might be surprised as...

Apr 13th, 2016
What Foods to Avoid After Teeth-Whitening

Teeth-Whitening is something that is requested often from our clients here at our office in Brooklyn Heights. It’s no wonder why people are looking to brighten their smile, and teeth-whitening is a great way to do so.

Apr 8th, 2016
Dental Health Knows No Age

Keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top shape is not restricted to any age; it should be a common practice at all stages of life. Being acutely aware of oral-health and the effect it has on your overall health is of paramount importance, regardless...

Apr 1st, 2016
Mouth Rinses: What You Need to Know

There are many options when it comes to mouth rinses, but the right choice is often unclear.Often we hear questions from clients at our office in Brooklyn Heights about how to choose the correct mouth rinse.

Mar 17th, 2016
Properly Flossing Your Teeth

Getting those hard to reach spaces between your teeth is not always that easy, depending on your method.Flossing has long been known to be an integral method in maintaining good dental health, and as such, it is best to know the correct way to do it.

Mar 10th, 2016
Brushing: Electric or Manual?

When it comes to picking the right toothbrush, the question is often asked: do I go manual or electric? Professionals to and fro have argued this question in recent years and yet the answer seems rather skewed.

Feb 25th, 2016
Detecting Gingivitis is Easy and Important!

Gingivitis, we have all heard of it, but do you know what it actually is? Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease! Without proper care, gingivitis can lead to serious oral health issues, even tooth loss.

Oct 1st, 2015
6 Bad Dental Habits to Avoid

Signature Smile General and Cosmetic Dentistry want our patients to have the knowledge needed to maintain a healthy smile. You should know by now that having a strong dental regiment is crucial to keeping your teeth strong and healthy throughout...

Sep 25th, 2015
Are You Checking Your Fillings and Crowns?

If you have any fillings or crowns it is important to periodically check them for signs of wear. Overtime, fillings and crowns become worn out from normal activities like chewing, but a worn down crown or filling can be a breeding ground for plaque...

Sep 17th, 2015
4 Tips for Healthy Teeth After School Starts

In the next week, children from all over will be returning to school to fill their brains with brand new knowledge. But don’t forget to also fill their lunch bags with healthy choices! Sugary foods are not only bad for your health, they can also lead...

Sep 3rd, 2015
What are my Options for Tooth Replacement?

Many adults lose one or more teeth in their lifetime due to oral diseases, accidents, or injuries. For some people, if left untreated, a missing tooth could lead to chewing problems, impaired speech, and lower confidence.

Jun 11th, 2015
What is Soda Really Doing to your Teeth?

For many Americans, soda is the beverage of choice when eating a meal. Unfortunately, a new study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry has revealed that this choice is the leading factor behind dental erosion and decay.

Jun 3rd, 2015
Want to Straighten Your Teeth as an Adult?

Braces used to be something you did as a kid, or unfortunately missed out on. But with the latest advancements in dental technology, more and more adults are realizing that adult braces could change their life.

May 21st, 2015
Looking for that Hollywood Smile?

If you are looking to have a million dollar smile that you only see on the red carpet, then veneers may be exactly what you are looking for. Today, more and more celebrities have porcelain veneers custom made to give them perfect looking teeth.

Apr 29th, 2015
Is Flossing Really That Important?

We here at Signature Smile Dental are always telling you to brush and floss your teeth daily to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile -but based on 2013 survey by the American Dental Association, a staggering 18.5% of Americans do not floss at all.

Apr 8th, 2015
6 Tricks and Tips to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Are you having difficulty when it comes to getting your kids to brush their teeth? Well as we know, kids learn by observing and copying their parents behavior. Here are a few tricks that you could do to help get your kids excited about brushing their...

Mar 25th, 2015
Why is Today the Busiest Day of the Year for Dentists?

St. Patrick’s Day – a day that many spend heavily drinking and sporting green apparel while celebrating the Irish culture. But as we know, excessive alcohol consumption can sometimes lead to unexpected altercations which in turn lead to impromptu dental...

Mar 18th, 2015
Why Do We Have Morning Breath?

Morning breath – we’ve all had it. You wake up and hold your breath as you kiss your partner good morning, hoping you somehow managed to save them from the less then appealing smell that has developed overnight. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Mar 13th, 2015
The Pros and Cons of Mouthwash

There are two kinds of people in this world – those who use mouthwash and those who don’t. Okay, okay – so life may be a bit more complicated than that, but when it comes to using mouthwash, some people can’t decide if the minty burn is right for them.

Feb 4th, 2015
Fun Facts About Your Toothbrush

Want to hear an interesting (and possibly a little disturbing) fact? Researchers have found that a single toothbrush could be home to as many as 10 million different germs and bacteria.

Jan 30th, 2015
Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

WInter is here and with it comes the cold! I think everyone can agree – nothing is worse than having to get out of bed in the morning to face the icy chill – but for those with sensitive teeth, that same icy chill can cause even more discomfort.

Dec 17th, 2014
Grow Your Brain While Brushing Your Teeth!

Add a little brain strengthening to your morning routine by brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand!The brain is like a muscle – the more it is used, the more it grows, adapts, and rewires itself.

Sep 24th, 2014
What is Fluoride and How Can I Help My Teeth?

What is Fluoride and How Can I Help My Teeth?If you went to the dentist as a kid, then I am sure you remember that pink bubble-gum flavored paste after your treatment – sure it tasted great, but do you know what it was and how it helped your teeth?

Sep 9th, 2014
5 Common Myths About Veneers

Myth #1 – “People will be able to tell I have veneers.” This used to be true years ago – However, with modern technology and a skilled clinician, your veneers will blend seamlessly with your smile. Giving you the beautiful and natural smile you’re...

May 13th, 2014
Some Fun Dental Facts

Most people don’t think too much about their teeth or oral health, (until they start to hurt anyway!) But, believe it or not, there’s actually quite a bit to know about your teeth and oral care. Here are a few fun dental facts you can show off with.

Mar 25th, 2014
Dental Technology Eliminating Root Canal Pain

For many patients, just the mere mention of root canal procedure can make them cringe. However, what these patients don’t realize is that new technological advancements in dental technology have all but made the negative aspects of root canal therapy...

Mar 25th, 2014
Food to Avoid While Wearing Braces

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to braces is the limitations on the types of food you should eat while wearing them. Certain foods affect your teeth more negatively while wearing braces, and others may actually break the braces themselves.

Mar 22nd, 2014
Popping or Clicking Jaws: What it Means

Many patients experience a popping or clicking noise in their jaw from time to time. While it rarely hurts or inconveniences them in any way, some still wonder about what it means.

Mar 22nd, 2014