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Which Foods and Drinks Promote Oral Health?

Which Foods and Drinks Promote Oral Health?

Although many are familiar with certain foods that are perhaps considered bad for your teeth, most are unfamiliar with those the can actually be beneficial.

Yes, certain foods out there can help strengthen teeth and gums, and you might be surprised as to which ones can do so.

For example, foods rich in calcium can help ensure healthy teeth in addition to strong bones. In addition, foods containing polyphenols and probiotics can help facilitate a healthy environment in your mouth.

But which foods and drinks specifically are best for oral health?

Milk is considered very beneficial despite the sugar intake. “Milk is one of the main sources of sugars in the diet,” says Ellie Phillips, DDS, a founding member of the nonprofit American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and author of Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

Regardless, milk actually does promote healthy teeth and bones. “The sugar in milk is lactose, which is the least damaging to teeth,” explains Dr. Phillips, and the calcium contributes significantly to development of strong baby and adult teeth in children.

Green Tea is another promoter of good dental health because it contains polyphenols, which can potentially clean plaque from teeth.

According to Japanese researchers, people who drank one or more cups of green tea a day had decreased odds of losing teeth.

However, Dr. Phillips reminds us that teas may be good for your teeth, but can also be acidic and harmful, so sip with care.

Next is cheese. “Cheese has similar properties to milk and makes the mouth nonacidic and raises calcium levels around teeth, which is very protective,” says Phillips. “Studies with Dutch Edam cheese showed that children ages 7 to 9 who ate a 5-gram cube after breakfast each day for two years had significantly fewer cavities than other children.”

For dental health purposes, look for cheeses with a bacterial element, like bleu cheese and Brie—those with a multitude of probiotic benefits.

Some other teeth-friendly foods include crunchy fruits and veggies, yogurt, raisins and mushrooms!

Frequent these foods as regularly as possible to ensure good healthy teeth and gums.

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