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Using Invisalign: More Than Good Looks

Using Invisalign: More Than Good Looks

If you’re contemplating Invisalign merely because you want to get your teeth straightened or unclutter your teeth, the good news is, there’s more to using Invisalign than meets the eye. In terms of positive takeaways, it’s not just your teeth or oral health that the transparent dental aligners deliver. Behind the scenes, there are a host of tangible and intangible benefits that you can enjoy while Invisalign takes care of your teeth and their positioning in your mouth. Let’s find out more…

Benefits of Using Invisalign

Relief from facial pains:

People who grind their teeth in their sleep usually suffer shooting pains in the jaw and even in the neck region. In most cases, using Invisalign can prevent unconscious grinding of teeth thereby relaxing sore muscles in the face and adjoining areas.

Improvement in pronunciation and speech:

While it’s true that you could find yourself with a slight lisp when you wear Invisalign, the realignment of your teeth into their proper positions will ultimately improve your speech delivery and eliminate issues related to pronunciation and phonetics that you faced previously. If you want testimony, just look at the many pop stars and film stars who have acknowledged using Invisalign.

Improvement in digestion:

Thanks to proper placement of teeth in the oral cavity, chewing food becomes a pleasure when using Invisalign. Medical practitioners say that the root cause (pun intended!) of many an indigestion problem is poor or improper mastication. Proper chewing of food ensures that food is digested properly and the body assimilates the nutrients.

Improvement in breathing:

As we all know, as the pathway for exhalation of stale air, our mouth also plays a major role in our respiratory functions. When the oral cavity is crowded with misaligned teeth, our breathing action becomes a casualty – resulting in snoring, bad breath and sometimes sleep deprivation. Using Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth and other anomalies in your mouth could also have a beneficial impact on your breathing.

Improved self-esteem:

The transparent yet stylish aligners lend a classy and sophisticated look to your overall appearance – a far cry from the gawky appearance that come with the territory when you use conventional metal braces for teeth realignment purposes.

Teeth guards on standby:

On a more practical note, your Invisalign aligners can double up as teeth guards when you indulge in your passion for sports like cross-country biking or cycling up mountain trails, and even when you’re lifting weights in the gym. Thanks to Invisalign, you can bid goodbye to irritating habits like nocturnal teeth grinding.

Congratulations if you’re already using Invisalign! And if you’re not, what are you waiting for? Go meet your dentist/orthodontist.

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