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6 Bad Dental Habits to Avoid

6 Bad Dental Habits to Avoid

Signature Smile General and Cosmetic Dentistry want our patients to have the knowledge needed to maintain a healthy smile. You should know by now that having a strong dental regiment is crucial to keeping your teeth strong and healthy throughout your life, but are you doing anything wrong? We have compiled a list of things that may be negatively affecting your oral health.

Not flossing:

Not including flossing in your daily dental routine is one of the biggest mistakes that a person can make when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. Flossing helps promote healthy teeth and gums by removing plaque build up in between your teeth and along your gums. If you don’t floss daily, you are likely to develop a gum disease. Be be sure to add this to your daily regiment.

Not using proper brushing technique

The technique in which your brush your teeth is very important to maintaining a healthy smile. It is important to focus on reaching every spot in your mouth, from the back of your teeth, to your gums, to your back molars. Holding your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle and using short circular motions will allow for the most effective brushing technique.

Not brushing long enough:

Dr. Evelina Tolchinsky DDS, one of our amazing dentists here at Signature Smile, recommends brushing for at least 2 minutes, both in the morning and before bed.

“If you don’t brush for at least 2 minutes you could be leaving behind plaque and bacteria, which could lead to tooth decay or gum disease,” said Dr. Tolchinsky.

Brushing too much or too hard: 

Despite popular belief, brushing more is not always good for your smile. Brushing too often, or using too much force, can actually damage your teeth by wearing down the enamel. Having less enamel will leave your nerve endings open, resulting in higher tooth sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures.

Not brushing at all:
Not brushing your teeth is one of the worst things you could do for your teeth. Not brushing leaves your mouth open to bacteria and plaque build up, which will lead to gum disease and cavities.

Skipping dental check-ups and cleanings:
It is very important to visit your dentist at least once every 6 months to get a professional cleaning. This way you can ensure that you are not developing any tooth decay or gum disease. If you have not been to the dentist in the last 6 months, be sure to call our office in Brooklyn Heights to make an appointment today.

Avoiding these habits will ensure that you maintain a healthy smile for years to come. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Evelina Tolchinsky DDS or Dr. Inna Trogan DDS, then please call our office today! 

Signature Smile Dental Signature Smile Dental

Dr. Inna Trogan – DDS is experienced in cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, and general dentistry. An active member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association, Dr. Trogan continuously stays up-to-date on the latest state-of-the-art technologies and advances in dentistry. She takes personal pride in providing courteous and high quality professional treatment for all of her patients’ dental care needs.

Our dentists have served the residents of Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, DUMBO, and all of our other surrounding communities for years. They can be reached by phone, 718.246.5677 or at their office in 100 Pineapple Walk, Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201. You can also book an appointment online.


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