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Is Flossing Really That Important?

Is Flossing Really That Important?

We here at Signature Smile Dental are always telling you to brush and floss your teeth daily to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile -but based on 2013 survey by the American Dental Association, a staggering 18.5% of Americans do not floss at all.

Why is Flossing Important?

Flossing is a crucial element of maintaining excellent oral health because it helps remove plaque and bacteria that your toothbrush can’t reach. Despite popular opinion, flossing should be viewed as important as brushing your teeth twice a day. Dr. Evelina Tolchinsky, one of our dentists here at Signature Smile Dental says, “If you do not floss daily, you should conisider the dental health issues that may occur.”

Side Effects of Not Flossing

Not flossing daily can lead to much larger dental issues down the road. Having food debris stuck in your teeth is a breeding ground for bacteria and can actually lead to gum (periodontal) diseases and even tooth decay. Flossing also removes foods and bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Things to Keep in Mind When Flossing

– Floss once a day, everyday.
– Floss carefully to avoid damaging the gums between your teeth
– If you are having trouble with standard thread floss, you can always try a floss holder tool

Different Types of Floss

Believe it or not, the floss isle can be a bit daunting and over saturated with different terms and products, but Signature Smile Dental is here to clear things up a bit.

Waxed vs Unwaxed Floss
You may find that some floss is waxed and others are not, the wax is simply there to make the thread glide more easily through your teeth. If your teeth are very close together, you may find that waxed floss is the right fit for you. There is no difference in quality between these two products, both will work well to clean your teeth.

Floss holder & picks
If you have difficulty flossing with the standard thread, then a floss holder or interdental cleaning tool may be the solution you need. These tools are designed to make flossing easier by pre-stretching the thread and placing it in a small plastic holder. Ask one of our Signature Smile dentists for advice on how to use this tool to prevent damaging your gums.

Floss vs Mouthwash
Using a mouthwash can help remove food stuck between your teeth, but it is not a replacement for flossing or brushing your teeth. Many mouthwashes are simply designed to hide bad breath, however, there are a few that contain fluoride to prevent tooth decay or periodontal diseases.

Our dentists, Dr. Evelina Tolchinsky and Dr. Inna Trogan, are here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or visit our office in Brooklyn Heights to set up an appointment today! The smile you’ve always wanted is only a few steps away! 

Signature Smile Dental Signature Smile Dental

Dr. Inna Trogan – DDS is experienced in cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, and general dentistry. An active member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association, Dr. Trogan continuously stays up-to-date on the latest state-of-the-art technologies and advances in dentistry. She takes personal pride in providing courteous and high quality professional treatment for all of her patients’ dental care needs.

Our dentists have served the residents of Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, DUMBO, and all of our other surrounding communities for years. They can be reached by phone, 718.246.5677 or at their office in 100 Pineapple Walk, Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201. You can also book an appointment online.


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