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10 Things to Ask A Dentist Your Next Visit

10 Things to Ask A Dentist Your Next Visit

Few people realize that a regular dental check-up is like the proverbial stich in time save nine. Apart from providing a timely evaluation of your dental health, oral examinations also help in timely detection of physical ailments linked to other parts of the body. So, the next time you visit your dentist, go prepared with these essential questions related to dental health and more.

#1. Am I using the right toothbrush?

Using the wrong type of toothbrush can land you with a mouthful of problems, like plaque build-up, cuts and nicks in the mouth. Soft bristles, hard bristles, manual or electrical – your dentist will guide you choose the appropriate toothbrush and advise you on the best way to brush your teeth.

#2. Is mouthwash a good idea?

While mouthwash is a reasonably good way to keep your mouth clean and freshen your breath, your dentist will tell you that excess usage can leave the mouth tissues inflamed and sensitize the teeth. So, moderation is the key when using mouthwash.

#3. How do I get whiter teeth?

Take your dentist’s advice on treating discoloration and staining of teeth due to consumption of certain foods and liquids.

#4. How do I protect my tooth from decay and other problems?

Your dentist will tell you that prevention of conditions like decay and gingivitis, is definitely better than cure. Maintaining good physical health is also important since dental problems can be aggravated by health problems like diabetes too.

#5. What foods are good or bad for my teeth?

The condition of our teeth depends a lot on the types of food and drink we consume in the course of our daily lives. It helps to know which foodstuffs are sugary or acidic in nature.

#6. How are the dental instruments sterilized here?

To stay safe from potential infections and the threat of blood contamination, find out how the dental instruments are sterilized. Heat-based sterilization is the safest option.

#7. How healthy is my mouth?

Pearly white teeth or the absence of cavities are, by themselves, not indicators of perfect dental health. Your dentist will tell you if all the components of your mouth – gums and inner surfaces – are healthy.

#8. Should I consult my family doctor?

The oral cavity provides insights to health problems manifesting in other parts of the body. Your dentist can alert you to the presence of such clues in your mouth. For example, swollen gums.

#9. Are there any suspicious growths in my mouth?

Oral cancer is becoming common. Ask your dentist to alert you to telltale signs, like bite marks caused by broken or crooked teeth while chewing food.

#10. What is the right age for my children to begin regular dental check-ups?

While at the dentists’, you might as well find out a few things about your children too. Since cavities develop quite early in life, your dentist will advise you on the appropriate age to schedule your kids’ first dental check-up.

Don’t worry, your dentist will certainly appreciate your interest and be more than happy to answer your queries. What’s more, apart from healthy and white teeth, you’ll also emerge smarter from the dentist’s office!

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