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Signature Smile Dentures


Complex and Partial Dentures in Brooklyn Heights

For a patient who is missing several or all of their teeth, Dr. Trogan may recommend either complex or partial dentures. Both types can be either fixed or removable, and provide functional and realistic results.

Dentures not only make chewing easier for patients, but they often significantly enhance a patient’s ability to speak clearly and preserve facial muscles that would otherwise begin to become weak.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures work great for patients missing a few teeth. Often times, the remaining teeth will be treated or given crowns to better secure them to the gums.

Complex Dentures

Complete or “complex” dentures are classified as either immediate or conventional, depending on when the patient can begin using them.

Should a patient need any extractions, immediate dentures can be used after this is completed, while the gums are setting. This allows the patient to not have to go without teeth for any period of time. In order to have these ready, the dentist with take measurements of a patient’s teeth during a preliminary appointment.

Once a patient’s gums have set (usually in about 6-8 weeks) a “conventional” set can then be used.

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